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History of Salty Peaks Snowboard Shop

Salty Peaks was founded in October 1987 by Dennis Nazari and a group of dedicated snowboarders and skateboarders.

Salty Peaks was Utah’s first “snowboard specialty shop”.

Salty Peaks was started to help support travel expenses to contests for the founding team riders. The first “Salty 8” made up the first shop team.

Salty Peaks has always supported all aspects of snowboarding regardless of how popular or cool it was. Not only park, pipe, and rail riding to all mountain free riding, but lesser known aspects like alpine carvers, split boards, fish tail boards, swallowtail powder surfers and even snow skates!

Salty Peaks goes beyond the traditional Popsicle shaped boards that are so common to include tapered board shapes and magne-traction and reverse cambered shapes. We have boards and equipment you won’t find at other shops.

When there was not a single ski resort in Utah that allowed snowboards, Salty Peaks founder Dennis Nazari petitioned ski resorts in Utah to start allowing snowboards. Dennis also ran the Utah chapter of the Southwest Surf Skiers Association (SSSA) which got many of the first resorts to permanently open to snowboards by conducting certification classes and implementing equipment standards. Dennis was involved, if not directly responsible for opening resorts such as:  Brighton, Beaver Mountain, Park West (now the Canyons), Powder Mountain, Solitude, Mount Holly, and Elk Meadows.

Salty Peaks has gained worldwide exposure through its activities supporting athletes and events, and documenting and preserving the history of the sport. That is the base foundation of our existence.  Salty Peaks houses the Utah Snowboard Museum with the World’s largest known collection of snowboards and skateboards.  Over 1,000 boards are on display, and plans are in the works for an additional display space in the future, pending funding. If you would like to help or can donate to the Utah snowboard museum please contact

Salty Peaks has received many awards, most notable, Salty Peaks was voted the SIA “Retailer of the Year” and was voted “Utah’s Best Snowboard Shop”  or “best museum” every year there was a vote (7 and counting ). Salty Peaks won the Future Magazine “secret shopper test” in customer service and nailed it with a perfect 10 score, the only shop to ever score a perfect 10 score since Future Magazine started testing shops.

Salty Peaks helped pioneer the “shop team” concept and was one of the first shops in the country to have a shop team. Salty Peaks has supported and sponsored hundreds of snowboarders and skateboarders through the Salty Peaks shop team, many who went on to be today’s top riders or involved with the snowboard industry in every way from sales managers, team managers, graphic designers to starting and running some of the industries most innovative companies.

Today, Salty Peaks is still involved with promoting the sports we support including petitioning resorts to allow mountain boards and staying involved with events and sponsorships of local up and comers.

Salty Peaks is a respected industry leader in traditional retail and is a trailblazer in improving the online shopping experience for our customers.

Salty Peaks has become a premier source of historical information as  we continue to document and preserve snowboard history as it happens with our long roots in the industry salty peaks is often called upon for historical information from everything from movie props and accuracy to research of technology advancements for use in manufacture court cases or patent applications, not to mention everyday board collectors inquiry’s about board history and values.

Onward to the future!