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Four new styles of Element kicks in!

Posted on Tuesday, June 30th, 2009 at 10:25 pm by saltys in SPSLC

We just received Four new styles of Element shoes! Come take a look at our newest footwear brand that is selling like crazy!

The Earth Collection Winslow

The Fall 2009 Earth Collection introduces casual and sophisticated product design into our shoe category. Its look branches out to give perspective on the creative and diverse lifestyle that surrounds skateboarding.

The Tim Tim Pro

C3-SPM assembly. Tree S.A.P. tread pattern. Seamless vamp. Slim fit. Minimalistic profile.

The Halifax

C3-SPM assembly. U.R.L. in camp cap and ollie forepanel. Tree S.A.P. tread pattern. Blind seam ollie panels.

The Darrell Pro v2.0

C3-SPM assembly. U.R.L. in toe cap and ollie panel. Pressure pods. Tree S.A.P. tread pattern. Optional lace protection.

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