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The Best Snowboarding Boots – Salty Staff Picks!

Posted on Tuesday, December 6th, 2011 at 5:01 pm by saltys in Snowboarding, SPSLC

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We asked our staff what boots they are stoked on this year…


32 Lashed Snowboard Boot Jake picks the 32 Lashed boot and the 32 Nima x Ashbury Prion boot. About the 32 Lashed he says, “This boot rips. 5/10 flex makes it supportive for crushing everywhere but not too stiff for some park tweakage. STI Evolution Foam along with the ability to heat mold it makes this liner fit amazing and be super comfy all season long.”
Carl is stoked on the DC Superpark boot. He says, “On the mountain, you can always tell right away who is wearing ten year old boots, and who is shredding comfortably, not thinking twice about their toes. A few years ago DC was getting a pretty bad rap for the boots they were releasing, due to the fit and overall comfort of the boots. Anyone who has been in a snowboard shop in the last few years can tell you first hand that the guys at DC have stepped it up and not only have some of the sharpest looking boots on the wall, but the fit and technology is there too.
Truly inspired from the company’s deep running skateboarding roots, this years Super Park boot is a jibbers dream. A winged-high-back-friendly Boa knob is conveniently placed on the inside of the boot, while still maintaining the look of a conventional lace up boot. The advantage here is the Winch: a new Boa cable design that allows flex in the upper portion of your boot, but delivers the support and hold that you need in your ankle and heel. The ability to release tension on the chair lift to get the blood flowing back through your toes on the fly means your having more fun, for longer. The Super Park also features the revolutionary park liner! With an exaggerated tongue, and lower portion much like a skate shoe, this liner offers maximum tweakability and performance. Throw in the finer details like Wrap-lock lace guides, traction pad for skating, and the Aero-tech toe, which eliminates all sweat keeping you dry and happy, and what you get is one rad package for just over 200 bones. Happy Shredding!”
DC Superpark Boot
Burton Hail Snowboard Boot Zac’s number one choice is the Burton Hail boot. He sasy, “This will be my fifth season on the Hail and I have no want or need to look for a change! This soft and plush boot keeps your feet happy and comfy while helping to take those tweaks to the next level. If you want a soft boot for your daily driver look no further than the Burton Hail!”
Travis picks the DC Judge boot and the Deeluxe Spark boot. He says, “I really like the DC Judge. The constrictor closure boa system relieves pressure and the Aerotech ventilation system keeps your feet dry and warm. I also like the Deeluxe Spark boot for backcountry splitboarding. The lace system is fast and easy and the boot has a really grippy Vibram sole.” DC Judge Snowboard Boot
32 Lashed Snowboard Boot Randy chooses the 32 Lashed boot. He says, “So the boot I’ve been really hyped on for the last 10 seasons has been 32 Lashed. This is one of the top selling boots from these guys, and for good reason. With a level 3 liner and a level 2 foot bed, the combination is that perfect blend for the all mountain ripper. Park, pipe, groomers, booters, hiking and well, just chillin’ out crushing cold ones in the parking lot, the Lashed boot from 32 does it all. I know there are a lot of haters out there who dislike 32’s boots because of the fit. Well new for 2011/2012 season, 32 has taken the feedback from people and adjusted the over all fit of the boot. The instep is slightly narrower and the toe box isn’t as tall like it has been in the past, giving a new fit to a classic boot. Do your self a favor, come in to the shop and try on a set of these bad boys but just as a fair warning, your feet just may fall in love.”
Drew is pumped on the Burton Ruler Restricted boot. He says, “My pick for the boot I’m most excited about for 2012 is the Burton Ruler Restricted. These boots are super comfortable, convenient, and a very solid mid-flex boot. This boot features Burton’s new total comfort construction which basically just pre-breaks in the boot so they fit the same in the store as they will later in the season. The low-profile EST mid-sole and convenient speed-zone lacing system makes this boot well worth the $200 price tag. If you’re anywhere that you can try these boots on, do it, they make a lot of other boots feel like cardboard.” Burton Ruler Restricted Snowboard Boot
Burton Rampant Snowboard Boot Jerry picks the Burton Rampant boot. He says, “The lightest boot in the Burton line isn’t a $1,200 primo package that helps you fly, it’s the Rampant. The appearance and flex of a traditional freestyle boot, with a twist. A snappy carbon beam on only the outsides of the shell act like a winged high back, for your boot! Presses and butters will feel effortless but the softness you’re used to will be there as well. For guys who are looking to double their bag of tricks on a rail this year, or even as a great first time out boot, the Rampant can take the extra cash you thought you’d be spending on comfortable boots, and come get some stickers at Salty Peaks.”


32 Lashed FT Snowboard Boot Ellery is stoked on the 32 Women’s Lashed FT boot. She says, “My favorite boot. I’m on my third pair. Comfortable boot with everything you need and no silly extras. Articulated cuff and internal ankle harness give you great flex and heel hold. Heat moldable liners and a new fit for 2012. They also come in awesome colors.”
Erin picks the Burton Bootique boot. She says, “I ride the Burton Bootique boots because I like a softer flexing boot that is forgiving but comfortable at the same time. This is the first boot I’ve tried with the Speed Zone Lacing System and I absolutely love it. No more boot laces untying or getting loose. A great fit, combined with easy on and off access makes this my favorite boot for the season.” Burton Bootique Snowboard Boot
Burton Sapphire Snowboard Boot Steph likes the Burton Sapphire boot. She says, “The Burton Sapphire is an awesome soft and flexy boot that fits my foot/ankle perfectly. I am really picky about my feet and these boots provide the perfect fit and comfort with ultimate heel hold. This boot is a little bit shorter than some (like me), so it doesn’t dig into my calves and create painful pressure points, plus they come in a sweet red colorway.”
Libby is pumped on the 32 Women’s Lashed FT boot. She says, “The lashed is a great boot whether you like riding park all day or exploring the whole mountain. It’s a softer boot, but still gives you the support you need. The inner ankle harness built into the liner and the 3D molded tongue give you support and comfort all day long. The fast track lacing system allows you to get in and out on the hill super quick and lets you avoid the muddy, water logged lace issue that can happen with traditional laces. I love this boot and so do my feet.” 32 Women's Lashed FT
Ride Cadence Boa Snowboard Boot Kate picks the Ride Cadence Boa boot.  “I used to hate on Boa but I decided to give them a try, and I don’t think I’ll ever tie my boots again!  The Cadence is stiffened up this year but still has some flex.  The dual Boa system is awesome because I can leave the bottom loose and tighten up the top.  I have a narrow ankle and I’m super picky about boots because I always have heel lift, but these keep me in tight!”

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