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The Search for Animal Chin on BitTorrent – FREE LEGAL DOWNLOAD!

Posted on Thursday, August 30th, 2012 at 12:03 pm by Alex in Skateboard

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Stacey Peralta is a genius. If you haven’t heard about his new skate documentary, Bones Brigade: An Autobiography, watch this trailer. I saw this film at Sundance last winter and it was awesome. (It helped that we got to hang out with the entire Bones Brigade) The film shows a real world view into the Godfathers of skateboarding. During the film and after, I was thinking how cool it is that we have gotten the opportunity to grow up with these guys and see skateboarding become an international activity.Back to Stacey Peralta. He is a genius because he is giving away The Search For Animal Chin for free on BitTorrent. This way people who aren’t that familiar with the Bones Brigade can download the film and then hopefully go pay him to see his newest creation. So go ahead and get yours now!

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