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Salty Peaks Snowboard Team Roundup – 3.1.2013

Posted on Friday, March 1st, 2013 at 4:07 pm by Alex in Snowboarding

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Every week the Salty Peaks Snowboard Team impresses me just a little bit more. I look forward to checking in with these guys and gal and hearing about all their accomplishments that happen every 7 days! Check out this week’s roundup!

Sky Seabrook has been beasting the backcountry this year. Check out his video below hitting the au naturale!

Skyler Ordean is a B0$$!!! He got 1st in the pipe at King of Wasatch and we can’t wait to see what else he does over the next few days!

Dave King sent us some serious flicks taken by Jesse Anderson. Any brands out there looking for someone to sponsor – keep your eye on this kid!

Shannan Yates is killing it this year on the Swatch Freeride World Tour. She just nabbed 3rd place at Kirkwood and is ranked 5th overall!

Mark Rainery is trying to get a free ride to Alaska and you can help him out! Watch this video and tell me you don’t want to see another video of him shredding some serious peaks!

Snowboard Magazine’s Ticket to Tailgate: Mark Rainery from Mark Rainery on Vimeo.

2 responses to “Salty Peaks Snowboard Team Roundup – 3.1.2013”

  1. Sky Seabrook says:

    Mark, You’ve totally got it! So smooth>