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University of Utah passes new rules for skaters and longboarders

Posted on Tuesday, June 18th, 2013 at 1:37 pm by Alex in Longboard, Skateboard

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The University of Utah has new rules for skaters on the notoriously hilly campus. After a nasty accident with a professor last year, the University had thought about banning bikes and skateboards all-together. Luckily students and professors fought that idea and now there are new rules with the penalty of a $100 fine.

Police on bikes or Segways will be watching for “dangerous skating” which unfortunately if it isn’t outlined what “dangerous skating” means, could potentially be abused by authorities. Also, other students and faculty can narc out skaters via text and notices about the new rule change will be posted at all Trax stops to alert skaters and passersby.

The main rule that will be enforced is to yield to pedestrians, which I think is a no-brainer for most skaters. Where this rule can get messy is what if you are slowly carving around pedestrians in a semi-congested area? This isn’t dangerous at all to an experienced rider, but a police officer on a motorized dolly might think differently.

Time will tell, and if you end up getting a ticket we’d like to hear from you and what the circumstances are. As always, stay safe. You don’t want to hurt someone and you don’t want to slam into a car. Wear a helmet and remember that pedestrians aren’t wearing a helmet and usually do a stupid back and forth slow dance move when they see you coming. Finally, realize that when a monetary amount is set for a ticket and a new law is passed, heads usually roll. Don’t be the first to lose $100 to the new law.


2 responses to “University of Utah passes new rules for skaters and longboarders”

  1. Mason Johnson says:

    Not sure how I feel about this but probably the best compromise