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Eric Carlin – Guinness Book of World Records Skater

Posted on Wednesday, July 3rd, 2013 at 11:50 am by Alex in Skateboard

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Eric Carlin is probably someone you have never heard of but he hold 2 Guinness records for skateboard tricks and he’s hoping to grab his third really soon. His first record was for the most ollies in a row; he nailed 242 in July of 2011. Then in January 2012 he broke the record for most ollies in a minute with 44 completed. Yesterday he filmed a part to send off to Guinness for the most 180’s in one minute. The last record was set at 17 and yesterday Eric landed 25. He sent the footage off to Guinness and hopes to hear back in 6 weeks if he is the new record holder.

Here are a few other major Guinness Book of World Records skate records.

Danny Wainwright from England holds the official record for the highest ollie at 44.5 inches.
Danny Way broke his own record for distance and set the current record longest skateboard jump at 79 feet.
Mischo Erban set the new skateboard speed record on September 31st, 2010 when he reached 80.83 mph.
Danny Way has the longest Bomb Drop world record by freefalling 28 feet landing cleanly on a ramp below.
Russ Howell holds the Guinness World Handstand record at 2 minutes.


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