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Help Find The Killers of this Georgia Skateboarder

Posted on Tuesday, August 27th, 2013 at 5:50 pm by Alex in Skateboard

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There was a tragic accident in Walton County, GA. A teenage skater was on his way to school when he fell off his skateboard in the dark morning hours. He ran into the road to retrieve the board and he was hit by 3 separate vehicles. The first car who hit him didn’t even stop. The second car stopped and tried to help but before he could get to the boy a third vehicle hit the boy and kept going.

The police are saying that the drivers wouldn’t have even been charged – it was the young boy’s fault – but since the 2 separate drivers fled the scene and didn’t help they are now facing vehicular homicide charges.

We need to find these people. Anyone who would take a human life by accident and not render aid needs to be caught. Hopefully with the power of the internet, we can share this story and someone will come forward who knows something.

As always, be safe – you need to look out for yourself because many times other people are not.

5 responses to “Help Find The Killers of this Georgia Skateboarder”

  1. randylittle says:

    this was my son please help

  2. Jeremy Little says:

    Everyone please if you know anything please no matter how little it could help us find my brothers killers i say killers because they have not came forward. I personally think they should suffer the same fate as Jacob they should get life without parole they killed him and now don’y have the dignity to come forward and say it was me I am so sorry for what I’ve done IN MY BOOK. THANKYOU A GRIEVING BROTHER JEREMY LITTLE

  3. Salty Peaks says:

    Thank you for your note Jeremy and we are very sorry for your loss. It’s disgusting that these people would hit and kill your brother and not even stop. We have your back and will continue to do our best to keep the story in the public eye. I saw your Dad posted to Reddit and that is a very good thing to do. The people at Reddit really know how to get the word out. We will continue to think about your family. If you have any photos or video of your brother skateboarding we could post that and keep interest up as well. Anything we can do to help. Take care

  4. Nick says:

    It was an accident. Yes, they were wrong for not stopping, but they didn’t intentionally kill him. It wasn’t murder.