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Salty Peaks Heads to the SIA Tradeshow – Denver, CO

Posted on Monday, January 27th, 2014 at 12:01 am by Alex in Snowboarding

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So long friends! I am heading off to Denver for the SIA Tradeshow and On-Snow Demo at Copper Mountain. For those that don’t know, SIA is a massive snow sports tradeshow where every brand you can think of that’s related to skiing or snowboarding comes together to showcase next years product, shmooze with buyers and new retailers, and of course, party. It’s a great time with the industries best, and I am very fortunate to be heading there as the Utah Sales Rep for Rome SDS, Von Zipper, Dot Dash, DVS, Airhole, and Leatherman.

As excited as I am, this does mean you’ll have to go a couple weeks without my usual array of hilarious, heart-warming, and well-written blogs… and my modesty. Even though I’ll be robbing the internet of such splendid content, I don’t want to abandon all our friends and followers! I’ll try to keep up with all the shenanigans I can on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, so give us a follow!

I’ll also be posting regularly as Rome SDS Rockies and Von Zipper Rockies on Facebook, and @romesdsrockies and @vonzipper_rockies on Instagram if you want an even closer look at the inside of the industry. See you all on the other side!


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