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This Week in Skateboard News – 1/25/14

Posted on Saturday, January 25th, 2014 at 12:01 am by Alex in Skateboard



Things are looking up! This week I only stumbled upon two skateboard-related crime stories, and two positive ones! Let’s get the negative ones out of the way and finish on a high note:

1. Police Arrest Skateboarding TV Thief

Remember the idiot from last week who skated out of Target with a TV? He got busted!

2. Skateboarder, 17, charged over alleged sex assaults in Melbourne’s CBD

Things are getting rough down under. A young man was recently charged with six counts of rape, two counts of assault with intent to rape and three counts of stalking. After reading this article, I realized they made no mention of him skateboarding except for the title. Why did the media find it necessary to call out the fact that he was a skateboarder, even though it had absolutely nothing to do with his horrible crimes? I’m very happy he’s going away for a long time, but it seems to me they could have done without perpetuating negative skateboarder stereotypes…

3. Skateboard Park a Good Addition

This isn’t particularly riveting news, but I’m stoked to see a local paper in Muskogee, Oklahoma is reporting on a new skate park getting approved for construction. It’s heart-warming to read them praise their park system for selecting a great location that’s convenient for a lot of skateboarders in the neighborhood, and for moving so quickly to get the project started. These are the kind of stories the news needs!

4. Teen strikes would-be robber with skateboard in Monrovia

Skateboarding saves lives! A man tried to steal a teenagers skateboard at knife point Thursday night in Monrovia, CA, but instead of giving up and handing it over… he hit him with it! The teenager fought off the attacker and was able to flee unharmed and with his skateboard in tact. You usually see stories about skateboarders doing the robbing, but I’m stoked to see an article about a skateboard saving a kids life!


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