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The Best Longboard For Cruising

The Best Longboard for Cruising

When you are looking for a good beginner longboard there are a few things to keep in mind. The most important thing is what do you plan on doing with your new longboard? There are many types of longboards. There are carving longboards, cruising longboards, downhill longboards, freeride longboards, and freestyle longboards.

Let’s say you have never stepped on a skateboard or longboard before. I would recommend starting with a cruising/carving longboard. You can buy these in parts and choose the best longboard bearings, the best longboard wheels for cruising, and the best longboard trucks for cruising and assemble them yourself or you can buy what’s called a complete, a skateboard put together by the factory that’s ready to ride.

Longboard Length

When choosing the best longboard for cruising or carving you need to look at the length of the longboard deck. The best range for you to start in would be 33”-46.” The rule of thumb with length is this. Shorter longboards will be a little less stable at high speeds but way easier to carry to school and weave in and out of tight spaces. Longer boards absorb dips much better and can go faster but are a little harder to lug around. Also, it might help to stand on one because I think you will know quickly what feels right. Most beginners choose a longboard in the 38”-42” range.

Longboard Flex

The second thing to decide is if you want a flexy longboard or a stiff longboard. A flexy longboard acts as a shock absorber on rough roads and can save your knees and ankles. However a stiffer deck is better for stability and less energy is transferred down on the board when pushing. This again is a matter of feel. Stand on your friend’s board or drop by Salty Peaks skateboard shop and we can help you out.

Kicktail or not to Kicktail?

The kicktail is the turned up tail on a skateboard. If you have ever skateboarded on a short board then you are familiar with a kicktail. The only reason you would want a kicktail is if you plan on learning how to ollie or do certain tricks that involve a kicktail. If you have no interest in that, then make sure you get a longboard without a kicktail.

The main thing to remember when buying a longboard is it won’t be your last. Don’t think you need to buy a do-everything or super advanced on in the beginner. The best beginner longboard is the one that makes you feel comfortable and enjoy the sport. And once you feel comfortable you will know which direction you want to go in. Most skaters have multiple setups for a variety of conditions. I have a park board and a board setup for cruising to the 7-Eleven. Hopefully, you will enjoy longboarding and have your own arsenal some day. Please take a moment to look at our huge selection of longboards and as always, we are here to help. If you have any questions call us toll free, 7 days a week at 1-877-WE-SHRED or 1-877-937-4733.