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Snowboard Buyers Guide

2015 Burton Snowboards Buyer’s Guide

This is your year! Enough of riding that beat up old board, time to treat yourself to a brand new set-up that will remind you just how much fun snowboarding is! And of course, Salty Peaks is here to help you with the process. 2015 Burton Snowboards are in stock and ready to ship, so […]

Rocker VS Camber

Cambered: This is the bend/shape most of us grew up riding. It is ski technology and works very well. It is an arch shape that is basically a loaded spring. As soon as you put pressure onto your toe side or heel side, it transfers that energy/pressure into your two contact points(nose and tail), giving […]

Types of Snowboards: Freestyle, All-Mountain, Freeride, Powder

This guide will help you understand what general type of snowboard you should start with.

2014 Burton Snowboards Buyer’s Guide

The 2014 Burton snowboards lineup is in stock and ready to ship at Salty Peaks Snowboard Shop! We have 18 new snowboards in stock and I’m here to break them down for you so you know how to choose a snowboard that will best fit your needs. 2014 Burton The White Collection Pro Snowboard The […]

Choosing The Airbag That’s Right For You – ABS and BCA

When going into the perilous backcountry, it is crucial to have the right gear, so read up on possibly the best addition to safety gear, the airbag.

How To Size A Snowboard – Snowboard Shape Video

Salty Peaks shows you how to pick out the perfect snowboard shape for your riding style.

How To Size A Snowboard – Snowboard Length Video

Salty Peaks shows you how to pick out the perfect snowboard size for your riding style.