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Rome SDS Video Any Means [2008]

Rome SDS Video Any Means


  • Rome SDS/ Kids on Shred present: Any Means.
  • Starring Bjorn Leines, LNP, Jonaven Moore, Jesse Fox, Marie-France Roy, Max Legend, Yan Dofin, Marius Otterstad, Will Lavigne, Casey Neefus, Greg Desjardins, The AM Army and The Tahoe Flophouse
5 of 5 stars

From the makers of snowboard classics like some of the grenade videos, iron curtain 1-3, and other raw snowboard films, this video doesnt dissapoint. It has a good mix of rail riding and backcountry stuff, with massive park jumps mixed in as well. The rome team delivers sick snowboarding, and the filming, editing, and music are all on point. Marie france roy takes girl snowboarding to a new level. other standout parts from yan dofin, max legend, jesse fox, bjorn leines, and LNP. this is a very entertaining video

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