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Voile Rescue Shovel System - Shovel/Probe Combo [2011]

Voile Rescue Shovel System - Shovel/Probe Combo


The Voile Rescue Shovel System is 2 full size avalanche rescue-ready tools. Inside the shovel handle, we stow the full size 2.6m/8'6" probe.

When seconds count, you simply press the pop-button and remove the T-shaped shovel handle and you have lightning fast access to your avalanche probe. Pop the T-handle back on and assemble the Tourlight XL probe in seconds and you have 2 rescue ready tools without any fiddle factor.

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This is a great deal for a probe and shovel! Voile makes great equipment made in the USA and these are lightweight and break down easily. Throw in the face that the probe stows easily in the shaft of the shovel and it frees up a little extra space in your bag for other backcountry essentials.

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