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Never Summer Salty Peaks Collaboration Swallowtail Snowboard [LTD]

Never Summer Salty Peaks Collaboration Swallowtail Snowboard


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Now you have a reason to buy a new board... Introducing the Never Summer/Salty Peaks collaboration swallowtail snowboard, the world's first reverse-camber swallowtail with RC-technology from Neversummer. The swallowtail is a must-have for deep powder days. If you know anything about Neversummer, you know they are built tough and built to last. This is no exception with the same features and construction you know and love on boards such as the Titan, Heritage, or Premier F1.


Please Note:

- Snowboard base graphics may vary.

- We are a small store and don't ship from a warehouse.  Many of our snowboards are display models and may show minor cosmetic wear from being handled by customers.  This could include small scratches or scuffs on the topsheet or evidence of fingerprints.  We will always contact you if there is damage that is more than cosmetic such as any damage to the base or edges.  Please contact us if you have a question about the condition of a particular board.  Thank you for supporting core shops!

Recommended Use:    Powder
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for that foot plus powder day this is the board to have. i have been riding swallowtails in deep snow for years and have ridden just about every swallowtail on the market in north america over the last 15 years and this new geometry hands down kills it. if you have a swallowtail you love now you will love this board even more IF YOU DONT HAVE A SWALLOWTAIL YET AND LOVE TO RIP IN THE DEEP SNOW YOU MUST BUY ONE, THIS IS THE BEST REASON TO BUY A NEW BOARD FOR YOUR QUIVER. riding anything else is a waste of a foot plus pow day WHY YOUY ASK 1)superior float in all angles and depths of snow beyond bottomless its desigtned to be used in 12 inces or more of snow 2) as the tail sinks in bottomless snow the floaty nose keeps you on top of the snow reguardless of how deep it is. 3) if you are in a area that is flater this board will travel farther and faster across flats which means less chance you will have to hike out and you can blaze trail to get to the goods first and go where regular boards wont want to go tilol there is a trail in. 4) if you have to deal with hard pack at a resort on a pow day or bring it when its not a foot plus of fresh it will still ride like a regular board and it will rip cordaroy like a alpine race board with superior edge hold due to never summer's rc technology. 5) you will have reduced or no back leg burn after a pow day because this board does not require you to lean back to keep the nose up which translates into less back leg burn at the end of the day. 6)the longer nose makes landing powder jumps and cliff drops super soft and cushy ,some people like to size down boards, this board sizes down cliffs 7)yes you can ride it fakie if you want to or need to.say you jet into something you want to back out of or around like a tree well or entery to a bigger drop than you want to take no problem the tail has enough of a rise that it allows for reverse travel without becoming a submarine, and if you are not content with charging forward and feel the need to ride fakie you can you just need to lean back like you do on a regular board' bottom line is if you are a deep powder lover this board is well worth the investment cause every powder day will be that much more valuable

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