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O-Sin 4807 168cm Fishtail Snowboard

O-Sin 4807 168cm Fishtail Snowboard


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This board was designed by legendary surfer Herbie Fletcher for Original Sin Snowboards in the late 90's. Its boat hull shaped nose is the most unique nose profile in the industry. It has a consistent "stiffer" flex pattern that ends up with a smaller "fish tail" cut in the board. The O-Sin is a favorite of girls and smaller riders that want solid performance in all conditions. It is recommended that the fish tail be converted into a "swallowtail" to enhance the sink of the tail which maximizes the float of the boat hull nose. We can custom cut a swallowtail in the board before shipping for 100.00 which includes a polyurethane sidewall sealer, An amazing board for those deep and not so deep days (under a foot of powder) with the capability to perform well when it gets deeper. When you order, specify your desired graphic; if no graphic is specified, a random option will be chosen.


Please Note:

- Snowboard base graphics may vary.

- We are a small store and don't ship from a warehouse.  Many of our snowboards are display models and may show minor cosmetic wear from being handled by customers.  This could include small scratches or scuffs on the topsheet or evidence of fingerprints.  We will always contact you if there is damage that is more than cosmetic such as any damage to the base or edges.  Please contact us if you have a question about the condition of a particular board.  Thank you for supporting core shops!

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You know all this new school spoon technology that's just come out? How abt bollox , jones and co can prob thank the memories of this thing for that, this board had it 20yrs ago. A small fact that the description " overlooked ....this is prob,, the second worst cruiser ever made just behind the winter stick swallowtail. , in fact it may be. No 1. Get it in as deep as u like tho, I mean snorkel stuff and it becomes a hover craft.. oops sorry there's that assilmilation again but its true ,this thing is for ultra light riders who want to float in the deepest there is, and yes girls who can ride well wud absolutely love this bec. that nose is amazing its unsinkable but on the piste its a roll of the dice if u tip , roll or die! Oh and the base... prob no1or2 along with the Solomon fastback for faster ever. This board isONLY. For hiking and riding thru tight trees and the fastest turns in ultra deep flake powder by light weight riders, if that you accept nothing else!

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