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Sector 9 Predator Downhill Race Helmet [2012]

Sector 9 Predator Downhill Race Helmet


The Sector 9 Men's Predator Downhill Division Helmet is the first ever production made longboard helmet and Sector 9 spared no expense. It is a comfy, strong, super durable helmet, perfect for staying safe riding anywhere.

Sector 9 says:

First Ever Production Made Helmet for Longboarding
Flip up, ratcheting visor
Detachable visor (Includes both clear and tinted visor)
EPS foam liner for superior impact protection
Hand-laid fiberglass composite shell
Certified to CPSC bicycle and non-motorized sports standard as well as CE 1078 European Bicycle standards
One size fits all (Fit-Kit pads selection to fit S-XL (56-60cm) range
Extra cheek pads to insure a snug fit
High Quality plastic buckle for easy on/off
Aerodynamic styling is clean and strong to help dissipate energy in a hard impact and provide as little wind resistance as possible

5 of 5 stars

This is the only brand of race helmet I have used but I will say that the performance is nothing shy of amazing. Having skated only half shells up to this point I figured I was only paying a pretty penny for the best protection. But I was quickly taken by surprise when this helmet improved my riding in every way. I can now ride technical lines with more confidence than I ever had, and at much higher speeds. I don't know what it is about this helmet, but once you put it on, you turn into a skating machine!

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