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Rome SDS Women's Lo-Fi Snowboard [2013]

Rome SDS Women\'s Lo-Fi Snowboard


Additional Views: (colors may be different than pictured)

Lo-Fi might refer to low quality sound recording, but there is nothing low quality about the Rome Women's Lo-Fi Snowboard. It draws inspiration from the raw, dirty sound of the lo-fi genre, but performs like it was recorded at Abbey Road Studios. The combination of Single Barrel HotRods and Basalt V PressurePop Tech channel your ollie and nollie power to the center of the tip and tail, while distributing energy out to your contact points for quick response and snappy turns. On top of that, the Lo-Fi has even more pop and better edge hold with Stay Positive Camber for when you need to stick those big landings. Strap into the Rome Women's Lo-Fi Snowboard and make the entire mountain your playground.


Please Note:

- Snowboard base graphics may vary.

- We are a small store and don't ship from a warehouse.  Many of our snowboards are display models and may show minor cosmetic wear from being handled by customers.  This could include small scratches or scuffs on the topsheet or evidence of fingerprints.  We will always contact you if there is damage that is more than cosmetic such as any damage to the base or edges.  Please contact us if you have a question about the condition of a particular board.  Thank you for supporting core shops!

Camber:    Flat/Zero Camber
Recommended Use:    Freestyle, All-Mountain
Shape:    True Twin
Flex:    Mid-Flex

We design with positive camber because many snowboarders prefer the super responsive, high-pop feel that only it can deliver. From most of our team riders to shop kids in the Syndicate, a ton of riders will strap into nothing else than positive camber for the entire running length.

The Mountain Is A Park

Boards that are just as happy dropping a cornice into a steep chute as they are lapping the park.   They’ll bonk a tree, arc a carve and white wall a skier.  They look for every natural hit in between slashes.  They’ve got enough backbone for speed, but are defined by a flex that looks for take-offs followed by smooth landings.


HotRods: Glass Single Barrel— A glass rod milled into the core under the bindings and out towards the nose and tail; providing quick snappy pop for a fast response.

PressurePop Technology: Basalt Reverse V— Eco-friendly fibers compressed and directed to precise points in the middle of the tail and nose for ollie and nollie explosions.

SuperPop Core Matrix: Three zones of low-density wood with extended segments of poplar create a light, smooth transition of flex and a snappy reply of pop that is embedded in the boards like the Crossrocket, Shank, Agent Rocker, Lo-Fi Rocker, and Gold.

StraightBiax Laminate:Designed for the fun and creative rider, this laminate has a forgiving response through presses, jumps, and jibs—integrated into our freestyle boards with the intention of supporting the natural flex.

SinterTrue Base: Durable structure with wax absorbing traits that create a fast moving base that can hold up to the abuse of park lines and keep up your crew in tree lines.

Rome Lo-Fi Size Chart

Size Effective Edge Waist Width Nose/Tail Width Stance Setback Weight Range
140 1060 240 278.4 Centered 65 - 105
144 1090 242 281.6 Centered 70 - 110
147 1120 244 284.8 Centered 80 - 125
150 1150 246 288 Centered 90 - 140
153 1180 248 291.2 Centered 100 - 150+
155 1200 249 293 Centered 110 - 170+

*All measurements in Millimeters except weight is in pounds.

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