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Rome SDS 390 Boss Bindings [2013]

Rome SDS 390 Boss Bindings


Rome's here to make you a bigger boss than Rick Ross! The Rome 390 Boss Bindings are the step up from the tried and true Rome 390 Bindings. For only $20 more, the Bosses come with Rome's Yes I Cant footbeds which give your bindings extra drive and power while putting your legs in a more comfortable and anatomically correct stance. And the 390 Bosses just so happen to have all the amazing bells and whistles you've come to know and love including V-Rod Baseplate, UnderWrap.2 Heel Hoop, and 390 Asym Highback. They're the biggest boss that I've seen thus far.


Please Note:

Any Snowboard Binding order that elects for the recycled box option in check-out will be shipped in the original binding box. We offer this for those who share our eco-friendly focus to minimize the amount of packaging waste. If you are NOT okay with this shipping method, but you are okay with a recycled box instead of a new box, please note that preference in the comments area of your order. We appreciate your help in minimizing cardboard waste!

Support:    Mid
Special Features:    Canted Footbeds

Binding Tech:

Yes, I Cant: Customized canting for your personal preference.  Power into the nose and tail.  Anatomically correct wide stances.

V-Rod Baseplates: Baseplate tech to deliver flexibility and response in one binding. Natural board flex. Side-to-side tweak. Toe-to-heel power.

Contour Ankle Strap: Plush feel for maximum comfort on long days with a dog-bone shape for flexible tweakage. 

OpenForm Toe Strap:Grabs the bottom and top of the boot for maximum hold with minimal pressure, open coverage and light weight. 

AutoStrap: Keep your straps out of your foot bed in an easily accessible position that bounces back to strap down quickly and efficiently.

UnderWrap.2 Heel Hoop: Cored out along the sides with a solid heel for a lighter 390 and 390 Boss

390 Asym Highback: Ergonomically designed for seamless response—slightly canted to the inside, designed to flex you’re your board and boot.   Perfect for both open-to-close park days or long backcountry trips. 

SubBase V-Pad: Partnered with the V-Rod baseplate, the 3D profile of this EVA and rubber sub-base pad fills the lifted corners of the baseplate for the smoothest side-to-side flex.

Highback Rotation: Highback rotation is the key to setting up your bindings so you can input how you like to. With a range of 0-degrees to 12-degrees, Romebindings give the full spectrum of heelside support options.

9 Times Ankle Strap Positioning: Nine strap configuration options on every Romebinding give riders the ability to choose where they want ankle support. Mount in the low position for the most tweakability, mount in the high position for the most support, or mix it up in between.

Adjustable Toe and Heel Ramps: Position your toe ramp exactly where your boot starts to curve up. On the V-Rod, shift your heel pad out independently to support the load-bearing point of your heel.

0°-to-24° ForwardLeanRange: 0° of forward lean is key to some riders, especially for rail, box and ledge riding. Others like 9° or 12° of lean. And still others like 21° or 24°. Romebindings don’t discriminate against any of those riders.

QuickStrap.2 Technology:No tools needed—simply flip the release, adjust the strap length, lock it down, and continue riding.

QuickLock Forward Lean: Turn and go—the spring-loaded block allows you to set the lean you want and snap it back into place to keep on shredding.

Rome 390 Sizing

  S/M L/XL
US Men's Boot Sizes 4 - 9.5 9 - 14
EU Boot Sizes 35 - 42.5 42 - 48.5
CM Boot Sizes 22 - 27.5 27 - 32


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