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Landyachtz Zombie Hawgs Longboard Wheels 82a/76mm [2012]

Landyachtz Zombie Hawgs Longboard Wheels 82a/76mm


The Zombie apocalypse is here! The Landyachtz Zombie Hawgs Wheels 82a/76mm are back for 2012 and as fierce as ever. The large core keeps these light and fast and the stone ground urethane makes sure the break and slide even and smooth. Unique to the Zombie Hawgs is their true sideset bearing hub. Once pressed, the inner edge of the bearing is perfectly aligned with the inner edge of the wheel, allowing the Zombies to compress and grip in a turn, but still break and slide when you need them to. Shred the Dead!

Recommended Use:    Sliding
Size:    76mm
Durometer:    82a

33mm contact patch

42mm injection molded core

2 of 5 stars

I had these wheels for about 6 months before finally giving up on them. They do slide very well. They are quiet and chatter free. However, these wheel feel SLOW. The urethane is very soft compared to other wheels I have ridden and when I would swap between my sector 9 race formula 80a, I would feel like zombies where going to throw me off the front of the board when I would start pushing, I don't feel like the top speed is any different but the acceleration just didn't feel quite right. These wheels also cone very quickly and mine have chipped on the inside a lot. Not a terrible freeride only wheel, but for the money, there a lot of better wheels on this site.

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