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Rome SDS Notch Swallowtail Snowboard [2013]

Rome SDS Notch Swallowtail Snowboard


Additional Views: (colors may be different than pictured)

And you thought Rome only made park boards... The SDS kills is all over the snowboard spectrum, and the Rome Notch Swallow Tail is proof that they have powder on the mind. With 12mm of taper combined with Rome's Powder-S Camber, you'll never get back leg burn again when slashing that steep and deep fluffy white goodness. The Notch is also packed with Carbon V PowerBars, Kevlar V PressurePop Tech, and Kevlar Impact Plates to round out this freeride monster and make it incredibly responsive and able to stomp those massive cliff landings. Forget what you thought you knew about Rome and treat yourself to the funnest pow lines of your life on the Rome Notch Swallow Tail.


Please Note:

- Snowboard base graphics may vary.

- We are a small store and don't ship from a warehouse.  Many of our snowboards are display models and may show minor cosmetic wear from being handled by customers.  This could include small scratches or scuffs on the topsheet or evidence of fingerprints.  We will always contact you if there is damage that is more than cosmetic such as any damage to the base or edges.  Please contact us if you have a question about the condition of a particular board.  Thank you for supporting core shops!

Camber:    Reverse Camber
Recommended Use:    Powder
Shape:    Directional, Tapered
Flex:    Stiffer

Rocker from the front foot to the nose and positive camber from the front foot to the tail. The result is the perfect camber for directional powder riding—a ton of float in the nose and a ton of power in tail.

Powder Is All That Matters

Boards that line up an hour early for first chair.  Boards that save up their scratch for a trip to Baldface.  Boards that skin up because they know they will have bottomless untracked all to themselves. Cambers and geometries keep these boards floating in the light stuff, while pop-enhancing technologies give them tail power to slash, ollie and land larger drops.


PowerBars:  Carbon V— More power, more energy, and more carbonation!  Preformed bands of lightweight carbon to guarantee pop in powder.

PressurePop Tech: Kevlar V— Found in our high-end boards for fast power transfer from the bindings to your contact points with the snow; a lethal combination of ultra-light material and highly responsive snap. 

Kevlar Impact Plates:  The sweet spot is under the bindings. With all that abuse, the Kevlar in these plates protects your top sheet and core from compression damage.

AirPop Core Matrix: Heavy on the non-heavy side of the spectrum (it’s superlight) with five zonal regions of low density wood mixed with poplar for high energy transmission and a responsive reaction—The foundation to the Mod and Mod Rocker.

SinterSpeed Base: Bomb hills and straight-line runs—absorbing the most wax a base can handle, this ultra porous sintered technology creates a board with maximum speed output, and minimal input.

StraightTriax 30 Laminate: The laminate that covers all the bases—from the park to all-mountain peaks, the 30-defree off-axis fibers set the personality of the board to flex into low speed butters and pop into high speed takeoffs. Provides some extra kick in a slash and maintains your style while getting creative on and off the trails. 

Rome Notch Swallow Tail Size Chart

Size Effective Edge Waist Width Nose/Tail Width Stance Setback Weight Range
164 1335 252 302 / 290 30mm 135 - 215+

*All measurements in Millimeters except weight is in pounds.

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Rocker VS Camber

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