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Roxy Rock-It Power Bindings [2013]

Roxy Rock-It Power Bindings


When you need power and drive out of your bindings, look to the Roxy Rock-It Power Bindings. The aluminum chassis makes these bindings super responsive, while the softer, asymmetric highback gives you support and forgiveness when you need it. The rear-entry system makes sure you're always first to a fresh line.

The White colorway has a silver chassis, base and logos, not blue.


Please Note:

Any Snowboard Binding order that elects for the recycled box option in check-out will be shipped in the original binding box. We offer this for those who share our eco-friendly focus to minimize the amount of packaging waste. If you are NOT okay with this shipping method, but you are okay with a recycled box instead of a new box, please note that preference in the comments area of your order. We appreciate your help in minimizing cardboard waste!

Support:    Stiffer
  • HIGHBACK: NEW! RX S1 Asymmetric Highback / High Speed Entry/Exit Reclining Highback / NEW! Barrel twist forward lean adjustment
  • BASE: Ultralight aluminum frame / E cient energy transfer and responsiveness / Full coverage cushioning with enhanced vibration dampening / Fiber reinforced nylon/ 4-hole plastic disc
  • CUSHIONING: Triple-cushioned, impact-absorbing base /NEW! Asymmetric 3D contoured ankle strap / Cored, form- tting toe strap / Anatomical EVA-wrapped highback pad
  • FLEX: 6
  • SPECIAL: Fast entry/exit, and high performance / AutoLever makes more room for easier in and out / Pressure Relief ButtonPress manually to relax ankle strap pressure.  Increased circulation keeps foot comfortable and warm./ Tool-free toe and ankle strap camlevers / Size-adjustable highback / Large size options
  • SIZES: S (US 5-7), M (US 7-9), L (US 9-10)

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