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RAD Release Longboard Wheels 78A 72MM White [2013]

RAD Release Longboard Wheels 78A 72MM White


From the minds of die hard riders comes a brand and a wheel that is meet and excel your wildest expectations. The RAD Release 78A 72mm White Wheels have one thing on their mind... sliding. The smaller 42mm contact patch combined with pre-broken in urethane and radius edges gives you a predictable release point and smooth slide every time. The burly Crown Core is centerset, doubling the wheels lifespan while ensuring you maintain maximum roll speed.

Size:    72mm
Durometer:    78A
Recommended Use:    Sliding

Crown Core: The extra hard material ensures the core won't deform under pressure, allowing you to maintain maximum roll speed. The unique shape also makes the wheel more responsive to your movements for total control.

  • 42mm Contact Patch

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