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RAD Advantage Longboard Wheels 80a 74mm [2013]

RAD Advantage Longboard Wheels 80a 74mm


RAD Advantage Longboard Wheels

Rider Approved Designs (RAD) is a company built from the ground up by legends Louis Pilloni and James Kelly to provide the performance community of longboarding with top notch urethane poured in the best shapes onto the industry's best core. Everyone is raving about the RAD Crown Core, but why is it so great? The Crown Core essentially divides the wheel up into 3 distinct sections - the outer lip is supported by one of the crown's peaks, and that supports the lip in tight corners by providing a stiff base in which to press the lip harder into the pavement. This equates to more consistent grip and a smoother drift once traction has been broken. The same sort of deal is happening on the inner lip too, the core gives shape and support to the inside lip which keeps it from deforming too much and slowing down the roll speed, and also allowing the drift to be generally smoother than a non-supported lip. And at the center of it all is the central peak to the core which supports the center of the wheel where the bearings will be transferring most of the weight of the rider onto the pavement. Because the majority of the weight is right in the center, having no support in the center of the wheel will result in excessive urethane compression which in turn causes a slower roll speed. All of this urethane support sounds like a rough ride though right? WRONG! The valleys inbetween the peaks of the core give a much greater urethane depth than the rest of the wheel, and this is where the majority of the vibration is dispersed through, so the ride is smooth and grippy! At 74mm tall and 58mm wide, you'll have the diameter to get off the line quick and hold a high top speed, and the width will track well through corners without shedding any speed. The RAD Advantage is one of the most well designed downhill wheels on the market today - pick up a set and experience what speed is supposed to feel like!

Size:    74mm
Durometer:    80A

Crown Core: The extra hard material ensures the core won't deform under pressure, allowing you to maintain maximum roll speed. The unique shape also makes the wheel more responsive to your movements for total control.

  • 58mm Contact Patch
  • 74mm Diameter

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