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Orangatang Moronga Longboard Wheels 72.5mm [2013]

Orangatang Moronga Longboard Wheels 72.5mm


Available Colors/Styles:

Orangatang Moronga Longboard Wheels

Freeride longboarding may have just been changed forever. The Loaded Orangatang Moronga Longboard Wheels 72.5mm have everything you could want out of the most fun slide wheel on the market. To start, the Moronga has a slim profile, rounded edges and pre-broken in surface urethane, making it lightweight and easy to kick into a slide. On top of that, its made of Orangatang's Euphorethane which makes the Morongas wear much better and last a lot longer. The final piece of the slide puzzle is the center set bearing hub. When they eventually start coning, just flip the wheel over and its like having a practically new wheel. Buy the Orangatang Morongas and thank us later!

Size:    72.5 mm
Durometer:    80a, 83a, or 86a
Recommended Use:    Sliding
  • Rounded Edge
  • Center Set Bearing Hub
  • Euphorethane Formula
5 of 5 stars

Orangatang is the best longboard wheel brand, and the Morongas are their best wheel. So sick to slide, going to be hard to ride anything else.
5 of 5 stars

86a Morongas, only wheel I will ever ride and slide!
5 of 5 stars

I had heard a lot of hype about the Moronga wheels before they came, and they totally lived up to it! The center set bearing up doubled the life of my wheels and is perfect for longboard slides. I especially love the orange 80a wheels because they are plenty grippy for carving and cornering while still easy to slide. Highly recommended!

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