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Never Summer Drift Longboard Wheels 81a [2013]

Never Summer Drift Wheels - Longboard Slides


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Never Summer Drift Wheels

The Never Summer Drift Longboard Wheels are going to help you get into all sorts of longboard slides. Whether you're riding a beginner longboard or are an expert, the Drift wheels will still grip the road and are good longboard wheels for cruising. Take advantage of Never Summer's Drift Formula urethane and put them on your favorite campus cruiser.

Salty Peaks Longboard Shop will help you find the best longboard for your individual skate style. Next time you are in Salt Lake City, Utah, we hope you stop on by your local skate shop! Have a question? Give us a call Toll Free at 877-937-4733.


Recommended Use:    Freeride, Sliding
Size:    70mm, 77mm
Durometer:    81a

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