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Dusters Jimi Hendrix Axis Bold Longboard Complete [2013]

Dusters Jimi Hendrix Axis Bold Longboard Complete


The Dusters Jimi Hendrix Axis Bold Longboard Complete is a great campus cruiser or flatland longboard, ideal for surfing sidewalks in style. This is a great beginner longboard for anyone looking to take surf style to the streets. It's equipped with some of the best longboard wheels for cruising and of course, a rad Jimi Hendrix graphic!

Salty Peaks Skate Shop will help you find the best longboard for your individual skateboarding style. Next time you are in Utah, we hope you stop on by your SLC longboard shop! Have a question? Give us a call Toll Free at 877-937-4733.

Deck Length:    38 in.
Deck Width:    9 in.
Recommended Use:    Cruising
Mount:    Top-Mount
Wheels:    65mm x 51mm 83a Wheels
Trucks:    Slant 150mm Inverted Trucks
  • 27” Wheelbase
  • Authentic Hendrix art
  • Laser etched logo (bottom)
  • Clear broadcast grip
  • 1/8” riser pads
  • Dusters red spin wheels

How to Size a Longboard

Excerpt from How to Pick Out a Longboard Deck:

To put it simply, longer boards are more stable, shorter boards are easier and quicker to turn… but let’s get more in depth. Longer boards have wider wheelbases, meaning the trucks sit farther apart. This adds stability to your ride because it is not as easy to make the trucks turn, which makes it more difficult to get speed wobbles. The opposite is true for shorter decks, easier to turn because of the shorter wheelbase, but less stable. There is some gray area when it comes to downhill decks however, because while a longer board adds stability at speeds, the majority of downhill riders like to slide, which is much easier to do with a shorter board. While riding style helps determine size, it is pretty much based solely on personal preference and what you think you would be comfortable on, because at the end of the day, you can carve, bomb, or slide on any deck you want, it is just easier with certain set-ups.

4 of 5 stars

this board just looks to great hanging on my dorm room wall. i love it! peace love and flowers

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