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Rome SDS Agent Rocker Snowboard [2014]

Rome SDS Agent Rocker Snowboard 2014


Additional Views: (colors may be different than pictured)

The Rome SDS Agent Rocker Snowboard will change everything you know about snowboarding for the better. The playful and powerful combination of cambers and edge technology make the Agent Rocker a super versatile board for all types of snowboarders. MtnPop Rocker puts rocker between your feet for easy powder floating and regular camber under foot for popping and stomping lips and landings. Add in the QuickRip Sidecut for amazing finesse and control at any speed and the Agent Rocker from Rome Snowboards becomes one of the best snowboards for riding everywhere.

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Please Note:

- Snowboard base graphics may vary.

- We are a small store and don't ship from a warehouse.  Many of our snowboards are display models and may show minor cosmetic wear from being handled by customers.  This could include small scratches or scuffs on the topsheet or evidence of fingerprints.  We will always contact you if there is damage that is more than cosmetic such as any damage to the base or edges.  Please contact us if you have a question about the condition of a particular board.  Thank you for supporting core shops!

Camber:    Camber Hybrid
Recommended Use:    Freestyle, All-Mountain
Shape:    Twin-ish
Flex:    Mid-Flex

CAMBER: MtnPop Rocker: Rocker between the feet and positive camber in the nose and tail for the fun of rocker and the response of positive camber. Merged with Rome’s QuickRip Sidecut, this camber gives you fun a slow speeds, added float in powder, and full power for high speeds and big landings.

SHAPE: Almost Twin: These boards are pretty much twins. Between the contact points (where the board touches the snow), all the dimensions are exactly twin – the shape, the centered stances, and the core profile. The only non-twin aspect is outside the contact points: the nose is slightly longer than the tail. For all snow except maybe powder, they are twins. In pow, they float a little better in your natural stance.

FLEX & FEEL: Between Very Powerful and Powerful 


  • Jump Rating:     9
  • Jib Rating:         7
  • Pow Rating:      10
  • Carve Rating:    8
  • All-Mountain Rating:      9


  • HotRod Technology: Carbon Single Barrel: A 4mm carbon HotRod is inserted in the core for adding more pop into your ollies and nollies. Milled into the center of the board from the inserts to the center of the contact points, nothing can deliver more explosions from under your feet to where you load ollies and nollies.
  • PressurePop Technology: Basalt-V: Basalt PressurePop Technology starts under your bindings and extends out to the contact points at the edges.  This harnesses your energy input and transforms it into responsive power.  The V formation is exactly what a rocker needs for more torsional and longitudinal snap.
  • QuickRip Sidecut: Two additional mid-board contact points between off-set sidecuts for added grip at high speeds. Or, engage the inner contact points at slower speeds for a playful, shorted feeling board with control. QuickRip is a Romesignature technology for power when riding fast and extra fun when slowing things down.
  • Basalt Impact Plates: Thin reinforcements under your bindings increase strength against core compressions caused by bindings.
  • SuperPop Core Matrix: The backbone of Rome’s high-end, high responsive boards. Three zones of low-density wood with extended segments of poplar deliver a light, smooth transition of flex and a snappy reply of pop. Snowboarding is more fun when it pops.
  • StraightTriax30 Laminate: The perfect balance of flex and pop out of a laminate. 30-degree fibers are mellow enough to adjust to changes in terrain and to land with confidence. 30-degree fibers are poppy enough to spin hard off the lip of a jump and slash a wall of pow. A key weapon in park-to-peak performance.
  • SinterSpeed Base: A high-end sintered compound makes for super fast boards in the high-end part of Rome’s line. Absorbs large amounts of wax for multiple days of straight-lining powder and effortlessly bombing into your local jump line.
  • Impact Edges: Wider and taller than, Impact Edges give you beefier protection against impact damage.

How to Size a Snowboard - Rome Agent Rocker

Size (cm) Waist Width (mm) Tip/Tail Length (mm) Setback (in.) Ref. Stance (in.) Rider Weight (lbs.)
151 249 200/190 0.00 21 110 - 165
153 250 200/190 0.00 21 115 - 170
155 251 200/190 0.00 22 135 - 200
157 253 200/190 0.00 22 135 - 200
159 255 200/190 0.00 22 140 - 200+


5 of 5 stars

Rocker between the feet, camber underfoot. Stiffer midsection for charging but playful at slower speeds with the quickrip sidecut making it feel like a smaller board. Great board for the park, pow, and all mountain.

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