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Creature Medium Skateboard Bushings [2014]

Creature Medium Skateboard Bushings


Creature Medium Skateboard Bushings

We all know the feeling, you've been skating your trucks for a couple of years now and they're starting to just feel like junk. They don't really turn anymore, but when they do it's way too much. They don't pop back to center so you get stuck in a turn, they twitch all over the place and are pretty uncontrollable on coping. It's time to replace bushings! If you like your trucks pretty leany and turny, the Medium Creature bushings will be the perfect choice of urethane.

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How to Size a Skateboard

This helpful buyer's guide is designed to teach you how to size a skateboard for your individual needs. We show you a helpful skateboard size chart as well as discuss skateboard length, skateboard width, wheelbase, and the nose and tail.

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