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Freebord S2 Freebord Bindings

Freebord S2 Freebord Bindings


Description:  The result of months of testing by the Team, the S2 Bindings are Freebord's next generation bindings. With six vertical adjustment variables, and +30/-30 degrees of rotation the S2's can be dialed in to perfectly fit your riding style. The S2's molded tongue is designed for comfort and fits snugly across the top of your foot, giving maximum edge control.

Binding Specs:
Type: S2
Upper: Injection molded, glass filled nylon.
Features: Fully adjustable: Rotationally, Vertically. Suitable for all riders.
5 of 5 stars

Awesome. I got the bindings for a normal surfone longboard. Had to drill a few holes to mount them but totally worth it. The bindings make it extremely easy to do 180 and 360 ollies. I've only riden on it one night and it's incredible.

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