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Rome SDS 390 Snowboard Bindings [2010]

Rome SDS 390 Snowboard Bindings


A merger of SDS technology and freestyle fun by the ton. Mid-flexing highbacks and super comfy gel-cushioned ankle straps provide an ample range of motion, while a megadose of Inbase padding dampens harsh landings so your feet can look for that next bomb drop. Toss in the coring of the highback and UnderWrap heelhoop and you have one of the lightest bindings on your local shop wall.



Please Note:

Any Snowboard Binding order that elects for the recycled box option in check-out will be shipped in the original binding box. We offer this for those who share our eco-friendly focus to minimize the amount of packaging waste. If you are NOT okay with this shipping method, but you are okay with a recycled box instead of a new box, please note that preference in the comments area of your order. We appreciate your help in minimizing cardboard waste!

Support:    Mid
  • C_Design   
  •  ConFormist.2 Toe Strap: Toe strap placement over-the-toe or over-the-top
  • Highback Rotation: Support customized to the rider
  • AutoStrap on ankle: Straps automatically pull out of the way
  • QuickStrap.2 Technology: The quickest way to customize your strap length
  • QuickLock Forward Lean: Updated for even easier adjustment
  • 4 x 4 Disc: Micro-adjust your stance width
  • Direct Connect   
  • UnderWrap.2 Heel Hoop: Power over both edges—cored for lightness
  • 390 Highback: Lightweight and flexible, with plenty of power
  • Toe Ramp: Matches up with your boot for toeside edge control
  • Progressive Flex   
  • NEW PF Contour Ankle Strap: Form-fitting, flexible comfort; new waterproofing for weather-resistant flex
  • SF glass-filled baseplate: The side-to-side flex that snowboarding likes
  • SubBase Padding: Anti-vibration technology
  • 3-Piece InBase Padding: Bomb drop protection with micro levels of foot roll


  • Toeside: 7
  • Heelside: 6
  • Side-to-Side: 6
5 of 5 stars

It's the classic, shred-o-matic 390, but with a twist! This limited release Death Of Creativity binding has all the homies posted up on the right binder.. word is bond. Jam the park with style in these state of the art boot holders! :D

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