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Custom Splitboards

Salty Peaks carries the world’s largest selection of split boards, big gun snowboards and swallow tails. But if you can’t find a split board to fit your needs because they are too big, too stiff, not stiff enough, or not big enough, or if you have a favorite board you wish you could split…wish no more. Salty’s has you covered. We can custom split any board – 3 hole or 4 hole pattern – and while its not recommended we will even cut foam core boards.

Prices: *

To split your board $120
Epoxy sidewalls $40
Mount split kit $85
Split + Mount + Epoxy Sidewalls $225
Upgraded T-nuts (each) $5
split boards

Custom Swallow Tails

Swallow tails are the ultimate in powder. We can fix any powder board so it works right with a custom tail cut. We can do fish tail cuts, swallow tail cuts and powder surfer cuts. Most people think its the float of the nose that makes a powder board work, when its really the sink of the tail. Turn your powder board into your favorite board!

Prices: *

Swallow tail cut $75
Epoxy sidewalls $25
swallow tails

* Prices subject to change. See store for current pricing.