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Snowboard Repairs

Every board needs a good edge to track down the mountain in style. Keep your gear in top shape with a premium tuneup from the expert staff at Salty Peaks!

Salty Peaks is known for its quality repair work and has the best techs in the state of Utah. We guarantee our work and we can fix just about anything.

We do repairs other shops just cringe at!


Standard Price
(3 day turnaround)
Express Price
(24 hour turnaround)
Wax Stripping/Base Clean $5 $7 (as you wait)
Hot Wax $12 $17 (as you wait)
Full Tune (includes Base Grind, Edge Sharpen, Basic P-Tex work & Hot Wax) $35 $49
Full Tune w/ Stone Grind $45 $59
Stone Grind $20 $25
Base Grind $15 $20
Edge Sharpen $15 $20
Edge Repair Straight: $25 per inch + $5 epoxy
Curved: $30 per inch + $5 epoxy
Base Weld $20 minimum
($15 per inch long or 1/4 inch wide) *
T-Bolt $20 each + $5 epoxy
P-Tex Work $10 minimum *
Epoxy Work $5 minimum *
Custom Split Board Cut $120 to cut board
$40 to epoxy sidewalls
$85 to mount split kit
$225 for all (cut/epoxy/mount)
Custom Swallowtail Cut $75 to cut
$25 to epoxy sidewalls
Replace Speed Zone Laces or Boa Cable $10 labor + part cost
Heat Mold Boots $20
Mountain Board Brake $30
Grip Tape Removal $5
BCA Refill $10 without ring replacement
$11 with ring replacement
Snowpulse Refill $15 (could be delayed up to 48 hours)
Mount snowboards $20 ($10 if set-up bought here)

* Price must be quoted by a tech

Please note: All prices are subject to change. Please see store for current pricing.