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Shannan Yates

“Shannan Yates is a calm and unassuming character. At 36 years old, Yates has been on the competitive circuit for a decade. Growing up in Utah and riding the big mountains from a very young age instilled in her an appreciation for the outdoors and a passion for snowboarding. On the urging of a friend to try her hand at competing, Yates entered an event in Crested Butte, Colorado in 2004. Placing well at the comp sealed the deal and she was hooked. Yates went on to continue dominating national events such as The North Face Masters of Snowboarding, and in 2010, she won the outright title. Her prowess in big mountain events gained her considerable notoriety and landed her a spot on the 2012 FWT [note: in 2012, the FWT was a slightly different tour than it was last year] She placed third overall that year and also placed first overall at The North Face Masters. Last season Yates laid down stellar performances at several of the FWT events and placed third in the overall tour yet again. Even more amazing than her on-course talents is her ability to juggle real life with her professional career. In addition to her full-time job at a veterinary hospital, Yates is currently pursing a nursing degree at the University of Utah and has to balance time at the hospital with time at the hill. Fortunately, she has a strong will and a supportive husband that encourages her in all her adventures. The 2013/2014 season marks Yates’ 26th year on a snowboard and she is aiming for total FWT supremacy. ‘I am excited for the level of competition on tour this year. Everyone will have to try that much harder,’ said Yates.”

-write-up by Sean Zimmerman-Wall for Slug Magazine

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Q. Where are you from?

A. Kearns, Utah

Q. What is your home mountain?

A. Snowbird, the best mountain in North America!

Q. What set-up are you riding (board, boots, and bindings)?

A. I am on a Lib Tech Jamie Lynn Phoenix 157cm, Union MC Metafuse binding, and Burton Emerald boots

Q. How long have you been snowboarding?

A. Around 24 years I believe, this is season number 20 for me at Snowbird.

Q. What was your first experience snowboarding like?

A. I was at Mountain Dell tubing hill with my family and saw a kid with one, I really wanted to try it since I loved skateboarding. I asked if I could and he let me, I had so much fun falling down the hill!

Q. Why did you want to ride for Salty Peaks?

A. It is the grass roots of snowboarding in Salt Lake City.

Q. What is your favorite Utah resort?

A. Snowbird!

Q. If you were loaded and could shred anywhere in the world, what would be your dream destination?

A. Unlimited Heli laps in AK, or the Alps, or New Zealand, or Canada etc.

Q. Have you ever gotten in big trouble with ski patrol?

A. Not big trouble, but have had altercations for going too fast. Speed is a relative term, right?

Q. What’s the worst injury you’ve ever had snowboarding?

A. Blown ACL with meniscus damage.

Q. What is your favorite snowboard video?

A. I love the old TB movies, I think 6 was one of my favorites, also POP from Absinthe and The Art of Flight.

Q. Who is your favorite snowboarder?

A. Travis Rice, Nicolas Muller, Jamie Lynn, Anne-Flore Marxer, Barrett Christy, Morgan Lafonte, and Victoria Jealous.

Q. Park or powder?


Q. What do you like to do outside of snowboarding?

A. Anything outside, skateboarding, hiking, and cycling.

Q. Who are your other sponsors?

A. Lib Tech, Smith Optics, POW gloves, and Spacecraft