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Vintage/Collector Snowboards

Collectors, please note, Salty Peaks Snowboard Shop has a mission statement to document and preserve snowboard history and does not engage in the selling of vintage snowboards from the Utah Snowboard Museum. Most of the boards on this site are privately owned and priced according to rarity and condition. In most cases, they are not intended to sell but to educate fellow collectors of the more rare and hard to find snowboards out there, along with potential value of such boards. Prices are set to minimize purchase, but as time catches up to value, these prices may not seem so far off in the future. If you are interested in selling a board of this caliber, please contact the curator of the Utah Snowboard Museum, Dennis Nazari. If you are in need of period correct bindings, parts, or hardware, also contact the museum for availability: or 801-273-8770

Happy hunting and enjoy!

We also have included highly collectible NOS (new old stock) snowboards that have historical or graphical significance to this section which have been priced accordingly. Typically, the NOS marked boards in this section were made in small quantities, never discounted, or only sold at select shops. Although they aren't "vintage" per se, any collector would identify these boards as either "future collectible" snowboards, or at the very least, recognize the potential future value to other collectors.