2024 Summer Skate Season

Incoming skateparks

Providence Utah Skatepark: Features a canopy/roof that covers what locals have deemed as their favorite and most utilized features. It will be great for shade & extends their skate season in an area where snow can easily end the skate season early. The zig zag, lightning bolt pattern echoes the canyons & rivers that define Cache Valley- especially the beautiful Providence Canyon. The bowl will be 7ft on the deep end and 4ft on the shallow, spine and a pyramid with hubba ledges. Perfect round flat bar. More Ledges. Manual pads. Bump to rail. Stair set, hubba and down rail. Hip. Tons of quarters. Euro gap. Extension. This park has basically all you need.

West Jordan Wheels Park: The new projected park design for West Jordan’s Wheels park includes a number of different features for all riders. There is a linearly constructed street section with quarters on both sides, including a manny pad, multiple different ledges and hand rails, as well as a number or other rails scattered around the park. The park includes a large bowl on the opposite end of the park with a corner hubba, and tons of flat ground to help skaters of all skill levels develop.

Eagle Mountain Skatepark: The new Smith Ranch skatepark has no projected finish date. Although we do have a design concept. The park features a transition section on one end of the skatepark with surrounding quarters in a half bowl fashion. This leads to a large street section with multiple down rails and stair sets with some large ledges to skate as well. The final section of the park is mainly dedicated to a somewhat shallow bowl.

Cedar City skate ramps revamped: Exit 59’s ramps have been there for a while, with that comes a need for new ramps, ledges, and rail in order to keep the park nice. Although prefab ramps can come with their problems they are easier to maintain. A new mini ramp with plenty of space for all your homies.

40th Street Skatepark: Ogden’s new 40th street skatepark offers everything for any skater. A large bowl is placed near the center of the park with a plaza like street section on the side and to the north and south of the bowl. These street sections offer everything from gaps, stair sets, manny pads, slappy curbs, quarter pipes on either end, and even more.

New Skate Decks at Salty’s

Baker: Number of new B2 decks ranging from regular baker logo decks to some pro models. As well as the full Neckface line, including Riley Hawk, Rowan Zorrila, and Justin “Figgy” Figueroa’s decks from the series.

Creature: All new VX decks from Creatures Keepsake and Arachine series, including some outliers which are Creatures Slick deck formula.

Element: An assortment of new decks, thus putting all of our older element decks including our entire line of Star Wars element decks on sale at $40 per piece.

Santa Cruz: Not a ton of new stuff here other than new winkowski 10.0″ decks as well as some new popsicle decks.

Deathwish: An assortment of all new Deathwish decks of all new series. Nothing special just some super cool new graphics to get your hands on.


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