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Established in October 1987 by founder Dennis Nazari and a group of passionate snowboarders and skateboarders, Salty Peaks proudly stands as Utah's first "snowboard specialty shop." Originally created to support travel expenses for the founding team riders, Salty Peaks has continuously embraced all facets of snowboarding, from park, pipe, and rail riding to alpine carvers, split boards, fish tail boards, swallowtail powder surfers, and even snow skates.


In the winter of 1987, a fearless crew led by the visionary Dennis Nazari carved their way into the snowboarding scene, founding Salty Peaks. Dennis, pictured here shredding the slopes, was more than a founder; he was a trailblazer, pushing boundaries and paving the way for a new era in snowboarding. This iconic snapshot captures the spirit of those early days when Salty Peaks was born, setting the stage for a legacy that would revolutionize the world of snow sports..


Salty Peaks boldly took its place as Utah's inaugural "snowboard specialty shop," marking a groundbreaking moment in the state's winter sports history. This milestone ignited a revolution in the way enthusiasts experienced snowboarding. Here at the birthplace of innovation, we didn't just sell gear; we curated a culture, fostering a community that embraced every facet of snowboarding. Dive into the roots of Salty Peaks, where passion met purpose, and the journey to redefine the snowboarding landscape began.


Meet the trailblazers, the pioneers, the OG crew that kickstarted it all – the Original Salty 8. In the early days of Salty Peaks, this fearless group of riders wasn't just shaping the contours of the slopes; they were shaping the very essence of our identity. With boards in hand and dreams in their hearts, these founding team riders embarked on a journey that would define an era. Join us in celebrating the spirit and legacy of the Original Salty 8, the foundation upon which Salty Peaks stands tall today.


Salty Peaks has been a pioneer in snowboard equipment, offering more than just the conventional Popsicle-shaped boards. The shop introduces tapered board shapes, magne-traction, and reverse cambered designs, providing a diverse selection not found in other stores.

Founder Dennis Nazari played a pivotal role in transforming Utah's ski resorts to allow snowboards. As the head of the Utah chapter of the Southwest Surf Skiers Association (SSSA), Nazari's efforts led to the permanent opening of resorts like Brighton, Beaver Mountain, Park West (now the Canyons),Solitude, Snowbird,Mount Holly, and Elk Meadows.

Tim Strong and Kevin Chimpani took the SSA program to powder mountain and the expansion of resorts accepting snowboarders on thier slopes continued to expand.

Beyond its retail success, Salty Peaks has gained global recognition for supporting athletes and events, as well as preserving the history of snowboarding. Housing the Utah Snowboard Museum with the world's largest known collection of snowboards and skateboards, Salty Peaks showcases over 1,000 boards and plans for future expansions, pending funding.

Currently salty peaks has educational vintage boards on display at
brighton ski area,
the alf engen ski museum
and the state capitol, with other locations being activily procured.

The shop's accolades include countless stories,features and spotlight stories about the shop in addition to being voted the SIA "Retailer of the Year" and consistently winning "Utah's Best Snowboard Shop" or "Best Museum." Salty Peaks earned a perfect 10 score in the Future Magazine "secret shopper test," a testament to its exceptional customer service.

October 2022 world renowned 1910 artists Jamie Lynn and scoph spent a week paiting murals on the shop for lib tech and volcom. 

Salty Peaks has been instrumental in pioneering the "shop team" concept, sponsoring numerous snowboarders and skateboarders who have purchased thier first boards at salty peaks and have gone on to become top pro riders,brand owners and industry leaders. Today, the shop is experianceing first generation customers bringing thier grand kids in to experiance the "the worlds finest snowboard specialty shop" and showing off grandpas first snowboard or skateboard.

salty peaks remains actively involved in promoting the sports it supports, advocating for mountain boards at resorts, and sponsoring local emerging talents and supporting the action sports community.

with other outdoor retailers setting up shop on the same street as salty peaks the east 33rd area has been dubed "shred row" and quickly becoming the epicenter of outdoor action sports in the salt lake valley.

The snow and skate industry has seen its share of ups and downs. Salty Peaks has caught every wave and survived every closeout and crash and today is no different.

Even when things are looking bleak we know skate and snowboarding can be the saving grace of the rough times and the pinnacle of stoke during the good times.

The key is to be grateful and thankful for the good in your world so....... embrace it!


As a respected industry leader in traditional retail and online shopping, Salty Peaks continues to blaze trails, providing an immersive and innovative experience for customers. Beyond retail, Salty Peaks serves as a premier source of historical information, contributing to snowboard history documentation and preservation, answering inquiries about board history, values, and being sought after for its expertise in various contexts, including movie props, technology advancements, and legal matters. With deep roots in the industry, Salty Peaks is a go-to for anyone seeking insight into the evolution of snowboarding.


Explore the cutting edge of snowboard innovation. At Salty Peaks, we're not just keeping up; we're setting the pace. From tapered board shapes to magne-traction and reverse cambered designs, discover the gear that's redefining the snowboarding experience. Our commitment to pushing boundaries ensures that you'll find boards and equipment here that you won't encounter elsewhere. Stay ahead of the curve and elevate your ride with the latest advancements in snowboard technology – because at Salty Peaks, we believe in riding into the future, one innovation at a time.


We're not just a snowboard shop; we're a legacy. Since 1987, we've led the snowboarding revolution, setting the standard for excellence. More than gear, we offer a community where passion meets purpose. From Utah's first snowboard specialty shop to our ongoing commitment to the sport's culture and history, Salty Peaks is where the adventure begins. Join us on the slopes – the mountains are calling.


At Salty Peaks, your purchase isn't just gear – it's a commitment to quality. With decades of industry leadership, we guarantee a seamless and reliable shopping experience. Trust in our dedication to excellence, ensuring every ride is backed by our passion for delivering the best. Your adventure starts here, and satisfaction is our guarantee. Plus, with our 20-Day Price Match Guarantee, you can shop confidently, knowing that if you find an identical product at a lower price within 20 days, we'll match it!
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