Unleash Your Backcountry Adventure with Backcountry Gear Rentals

Embark on the ultimate backcountry experience with Salty Peaks' Backcountry Gear Rentals. Our extensive selection of top-tier equipment is curated to equip both seasoned enthusiasts and those venturing beyond the resort for the first time. Discover the freedom of untracked terrain, the serenity of untouched powder, and the thrill of forging your own path through the mountains.

A Gear Haven for Backcountry Explorers

At Salty Peaks, we understand the allure of the untouched backcountry, and our Backcountry Gear Rentals reflect that passion. From touring skis and splitboards to avalanche safety gear, we offer a comprehensive range of equipment to cater to all your backcountry needs. Our gear is meticulously maintained, ensuring that every piece meets the highest standards of performance and safety.

Tour with Confidence: Quality You Can Trust

Quality is non-negotiable when it comes to backcountry gear, and Salty Peaks takes pride in offering equipment from reputable brands known for their commitment to excellence. Whether you're seeking the latest touring bindings, avalanche beacons, or backpacks designed for off-piste adventures, our rental fleet boasts top-of-the-line gear to enhance your backcountry experience.

Expert Guidance for Every Adventure Level

Navigating the backcountry can be exhilarating yet challenging, especially for those new to off-piste exploration. At Salty Peaks, our team of seasoned adventurers is here to provide expert guidance. Whether you're a backcountry veteran or a first-time explorer, we offer personalized recommendations based on your skill level and the terrain you plan to conquer. Our goal is to ensure you have the right gear and knowledge for a safe and enjoyable backcountry adventure.

Convenient Rentals, Unmatched Flexibility

We understand that every backcountry journey is unique, and so are your equipment needs. Our Backcountry Gear Rentals are designed with flexibility in mind. Choose from daily, multi-day, or weekly rentals, allowing you to tailor your gear selection to the duration of your adventure. Our straightforward rental process ensures you spend less time preparing and more time conquering the backcountry.

Join the Backcountry Revolution: Rent with Salty Peaks

Whether you're seeking the solitude of untouched landscapes, the challenge of ascending your own track, or the joy of carving through fresh powder, Salty Peaks' Backcountry Gear Rentals are your gateway to unparalleled adventure. Step into the wild with gear you can trust, expertise you can rely on, and the freedom to explore the backcountry on your terms. Unleash the explorer in you and rent with Salty Peaks for a backcountry experience like no other.


At Salty Peaks, your purchase isn't just gear – it's a commitment to quality. With decades of industry leadership, we guarantee a seamless and reliable shopping experience. Trust in our dedication to excellence, ensuring every ride is backed by our passion for delivering the best. Your adventure starts here, and satisfaction is our guarantee. Plus, with our 20-Day Price Match Guarantee, you can shop confidently, knowing that if you find an identical product at a lower price within 20 days, we'll match it!
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