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Types of Snowboards: Freestyle, All-Mountain, Freeride, Powder

If you are new to snowboarding there is a slight learning curve but nothing you can’t comprehend. Understanding what you want to achieve in snowboarding is key to deciding what kind of snowboard you want. Once you know which type of snowboard best suits your riding style, you can search the Salty Peaks website by refining your search on the left hand side under recommended use.

Freestyle Snowboards:

The best freestyle snowboards are typically a softer flexing, twin tip board with a mellower side cut that meets up to the demands of most park rats and hot doggers on and off the slopes. Shades not included. These boards are generally shorter, lighter, and flexy for grinding rails, jibbing, and doing spins and tricks. Great for terrain parks and street boarders. You can choose good snowboards from many snowboarding brands and Salty Peaks Snowboard Shop has hundreds in stock and the expertise to help you learn how to size a snowboard for your needs.

All-Mountain Snowboards:

Most snowboarders ride all-mountain boards. They are the best beginner snowboards because they are so versatile and you can learn what terrain best suits your style. With a slight set back stance, usually a directional flex and a slightly deeper side cut, the top all mountain snowboards cater to riders who want one board that can handle it all. Whether you want to ride groomers all day, hit the park or pipe or head out to the backcountry, the best all mountain snowboard can take you there.

Freeride Snowboards:

A Freeride snowboard is primarily designed to go fast! You like to ride to the top of the groomers and then head down as fast as possible? You need the best freeride snowboard. The top freeride snowboards have a obvious set back stance, with more nose than tail, a side cut that initiates your turn with a mellow to a sharp exit, which allows you to lay into those pow turns and boosts you into the next white room. Freeride snowboards are primarily used in the backcountry, riding steeps, or slashing the powder. They also provide good stability on hardpacked trails. Once again, these snowboards are directional which means they are designed to go downhill, not to hit tricks in the park.

Powder Snowboards:

Good powder snowboards come in a few different shapes and usually run taller. Most powder specific boards have a wider nose that tapers into a narrower tail. Like a Freeride snowboard, the side cuts can range from mellow to sharp to sharp in, sharp out. This isn’t a board you would want to take out on everyday, resort groomers. Its intent to to allow you seek the deep and slay pow turns all day long in the backcountry or deep bowls.