Sizing Guide

Every board tells a story and every scrape carries the echoes of countless mountain adventures. Salty Peaks is not just a local shop; it's a living testament to the evolution of snowboarding. Our museum is a celebration of our salty history, showcasing an array of used snowboards that have weathered the slopes and contributed to the rich tapestry of our mountain culture. Each board carries the indelible marks of riders who dared to carve their legacy. Step into the nostalgia of snowboarding's past and witness the journey of Salty Peaks – a local shop with a history as unique and vibrant as the sport it loves.


Unlock the Perfect Fit: Your Guide to Snowboard Sizing

Step #1: Tailoring to You

When selecting your snowboard size, consider your height, weight, boot size, and preferred riding style. Freestyle enthusiasts may benefit from a shorter board for agility in spin tricks, while beginners find control in a slightly shorter option. For freeriding speed stability, a longer board is key. Our volume or shaped boards can be sized up or down, depending on the model. A general rule for all-mountain riding is to choose a board that falls between your chest and chin. Weight influences flex, with heavier riders opting for a firmer board, ensuring stability and control.

Use our Snowboard Sizing Chart as a guideline:

Rider Height (in)Rider Weight (lbs)Snowboard Size (cm)
4ft 10in110 – 120128–136
5ft115 – 130133–141
5ft 2in125 – 135139–147
5ft 4in135 – 145144–152
5ft 6in140 – 155149–157
5ft 8in150 – 165154–162
5ft 10in160 – 175159–167
6ft170 – 185160+
6ft 2in180 – 195160+
6 ft 4in190 – 205160+

Your boot size determines board width. Wider boards offer more surface area and better float, ideal for larger feet. Our sizing reference:

  • Ladies >9 = Men’s Board
  • Men <10 = Regular Width
  • Men >10.5/11 = X
  • Men >12 = DF

Step #2: Gauge Your Skill and Style

Beginners and intermediates benefit from shorter boards for easier turns, while advanced riders find stability in slightly longer options. Intermediate and advanced riders may choose longer boards for stability at speed, perfect for freeriding. Consider your riding goals:

  • Longer boards for intermediate and advanced riders
  • Shorter boards for beginner and intermediate riders

If you're freeriding or cruising for speed, opt for a longer board. For freestyle and agility, especially in parks or wooded areas, go for a shorter board. Tailor your choice to your ability level and riding aspirations for the perfect setup. Now that you have the insights, let's gear you up for an epic ride!


At Salty Peaks, your purchase isn't just gear – it's a commitment to quality. With decades of industry leadership, we guarantee a seamless and reliable shopping experience. Trust in our dedication to excellence, ensuring every ride is backed by our passion for delivering the best. Your adventure starts here, and satisfaction is our guarantee. Plus, with our 20-Day Price Match Guarantee, you can shop confidently, knowing that if you find an identical product at a lower price within 20 days, we'll match it!
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