Never Summer Triple Camber Outbreak

Never Summer Triple Camber: Carving Up the Mountain with Confidence – Customer Review Insights

Never Summer’s new triple camber board geometry is the biggest advancement in snowboard geometry since magnatraction was introduced 20 years ago. This innovative design promises a unique blend of stability, responsiveness, and float. But what do actual riders think? We combed through customer reviews, talked to the reps, and tried some ourselves; all to get the real scoop on what triple camber brings to the table.

Gripping Performance and Powder Perfection

A common theme across reviews is the exceptional edge hold provided by triple camber. Riders rave about the board’s ability to carve trenches with confidence. One Never Summer Proto FR customer says: “This board holds a really solid edge, rips turns. As soon as you get this board on edge it just naturally wants to throw you into a carve…” Another reviewer highlights the versatility, mentioning how the board “sticks to snow like Velcro” and offers “unmatched” high-speed stability in all conditions.

The Never Summer Demo tent has been a blast all season. Numerous shop owners, employees, and the general public got to take a chance on the Never Summer Triple Camber. Each one would come back and say something along the lines of “Unreal man! I’ve never had a rocker/hybrid rocker board carve so well in my life.”

Powder adventures seem equally impressive (Because it’s still a hybrid rocker board!). Customers praise how triple camber effortlessly floats in powder, allowing them to easily navigate through fresh snow. One customer demoing a Never Summer Easy Rider describes it as perfect for pow days, while another reviewer highlights the board’s ability to handle “any and all conditions.”

Adapting to the Triple Threat

Some reviews mention an adjustment period when switching to triple camber. The unfamiliar feel of an additional camber section might take a few rides to get used to. Despite the unfamiliar feeling, this additional camber point provides a load of benefits including; additional edge hold, higher pop, and easier landing. A Never Summer Proto Ultra rider says: “Best Snowboard I’ve ever ridden!… It is awesome in powder and always stays afloat… However, once I learned how to use it I was able to ride everything with ease and control.”

Overall, the reviews paint a positive picture of triple camber snowboards. Riders appreciate the confidence-inspiring carves, floaty powder performance, and all-mountain versatility. While there might be a slight learning curve, the ability to conquer various terrains seems worth the initial adjustment.

Thinking Triple Camber? Here’s what to consider:

  • Riding Style: Triple camber shines in all-mountain riding, excelling on groomers, powder, and variable terrain.
  • Skill Level: While some experienced riders find it adaptable, some reviews suggest a slight adjustment period.
  • Board Options: Different brands offer various triple camber profiles, each with its own characteristics. Researching specific models is key.

With its reputation for carving prowess and all-condition confidence, triple camber technology is a game-changer for snowboarders seeking a versatile ride.


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