Why Gore-Tex is the Go-To

Shred with Confidence: Why Gore-Tex Outerwear Rules the Slopes

For snowboarders, conquering the mountain is all about pushing your limits and enjoying the ride, but battling the elements shouldn’t be part of the thrill. Your gear should be more than capable of keeping you warm, dry and pumped to be riding in a storm.

Gore-Tex is a game-changer for snowboarders. This innovative fabric combines two key features that are essential for epic days on the slopes:

  • Waterproof Protection: Whether you’re carving fresh powder or enduring a wet blizzard, Gore-Tex keeps you dry. A patented membrane with billions of pores allows sweat vapor to escape while completely blocking out water droplets.
  • Breathable Comfort: Staying dry isn’t enough. You also need to stay comfortable. Gore-Tex fabrics are designed to be breathable, allowing moisture vapor to escape and preventing you from overheating during intense runs.

How it works? Well the difference is all in the size of both the sweat vapor molecule and the water molecule. The size of the molecule from water vaper is smaller than that of the water molecule trying to get into your jacket. So this membrane has holes that accommodate the size of the water vapor, but not big enough for the water to get past! When these pores get clogged it causes water to bond to the dirt and actually make it EASIER for water to get through!

So keep it clean!

But that’s not all. Here’s why Gore-Tex outerwear is a favorite among snowboarders:

  • Durable: Gore-Tex fabrics are built to withstand the wear and tear of snowboarding. Whether you’re catching air or taking a tumble, your Gore-Tex gear can handle it.
  • Versatile: Gore-Tex outerwear comes in a variety of styles and options, so you can find the perfect jacket and pants for your riding style and weather conditions.
  • Warm: While Gore-Tex itself isn’t insulated, it works perfectly with layering systems to keep you warm and dry in all conditions. The best layering systems include puffy jackets, fleece, synthetic blends, and Marino wool layers.

Finding the Right Gore-Tex Snowboard Gear:

With so many options to choose from, finding the right Gore-Tex snowboard outerwear can seem daunting, but here are a few things to consider:

  • Conditions: Do you snowboard mostly in snowy climates, mixed conditions, rain? Or is everyday different for you? Gore-Tex works in every condition, but when if its wet you can bet your butt you will want it.
  • Activity Level: How hard do you typically ride? Gore-Tex offers different levels of breathability to match your intensity.
  • Features: Consider features like fit and jacket design, insulation, ventilation options, and pocket placement to find a jacket and pants that suit your riding style.
  • Time in the Elements: How long are you out riding for? Other technology just doesn’t last as long. The next comparable technology is 20k water proofing which provides up to 5 hours of “dry time”. Gore-Tex goes all day every day!

Gore-Tex Keeps You Focused on the Fun:

By keeping you dry and comfortable, Gore-Tex outerwear lets you focus on what matters most: enjoying your time on the mountain. So next time you’re hitting the slopes, consider investing in a Gore-Tex jacket and pants. It could be the difference between an epic day and a miserable one.

That being said the materials are changing!

Older Gore-Tex is thicker, stronger, and more durable than the materials that are being used today. You see it across the board in all types of outerwear. Liners are getting thinner, with one less pocket from last year, smaller zippers, and thinner outer shell. It may not be right in your face, but it’s safe to say that the quality of these products is getting worse.


Well, manufacturers are all heading to the land of green, Sustainability is in a golden age with snowboarding and every company is trying to do its part so we can continue to find places to shred many years into the future. Manufacturing outerwear that’s sustainable means that it can not live forever. Companies love a product with an expiration date, if they made a product that lasted forever they wouldn’t be able to make nearly as much money!

What does this mean?

It means older products are BETTER. Stronger, lasts longer, better waterproofing, and MORE ZIPPERS! If you don’t believe me stop by your local retailer and compare the old Gore-Tex and the new Gore-Tex and let me know what you think!

Ready to Shred in Comfort?

Stop by Salty Peaks Snowboard Shop and try some on today! With Gore-Tex on your side, you can spend less time battling the elements and more time conquering the mountain.


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